Our method? Socratic questioning, the back-and-forth process that helps us think about things differently and uncover creative solutions.

Our tools? Dialog and discrete fact-finding – not studies or reports.

Bob Sobolewski Consulting can help you and your leadership team ask the right questions and make timely decisions as your organization

  • Diversifies products/markets
  • Looks to expand outside the U.S. or establish a presence within the U.S.
  • Adjusts capacity: production/personnel
  • Manages distribution channels
  • Contemplates acquisitions
  • Addresses regulatory challenges
  • Builds internal leadership
  • Adapts benefit programs
  • Reports progress
  • Gives back to communities
  • Recruits new talent
  • Develops succession plans

We’ll tailor our one-on-one meetings (in person or by phone) and support activities based on a quick initial conversation or email about your specific challenges.

Need ongoing, on-the-ground support within specific departments (e.g. manufacturing, legal, marketing and PR) after our strategy sessions? We’ll recommend qualified firms that can help you take the next steps.

Let us help you prepare for left-field disruptions, the “unknown unknowns”.